Friday, February 25, 2011

Dev, Music, Fashion

Although I think the new girl on the music scene, Dev, might become annoying pretty quickly (much like Ke$ha - who, can I just mention, horrifies me pretty frequently with her fashion choices.. and makeup.. and lyrics - is that just me?), I have to love this video for it's sheer focus on fashion:

I truly appreciate that aspect of fun!

I was excited to check out because they styled the video, but their online store doesn't have a very wide selection! On the plus side though, they ship to Canada.

Monday, February 7, 2011

T.O. Shopping Trip

I just returned from a shopping trip in Toronto (shopping for both work and pleasure). We got some fabulous finds for the gift shop, but I'm most excited about the fashion finds to fill my closet!

Hopefully I will have time to upload pictures soon, but to hold you over and give you a taste, here is a photo from this super little chain in T.O. called Katie. I bought this dress from the shop, where everything is one-size-fits-all (but scooped the photo from their facebook group)!