Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Fashion to all and to all a Good Night

Haven't posted in a while - I have been working on some other writing, but in the spirit of Christmas I thought I would post some sewing projects that were gifts for the holidays!

Constructed from 'hello kitty' fabric from the thrift store, I crafted a yoga mat bag, which can also be used as a bag for rolled paper for it's new owner, who goes to NSCAD! The pillow, made from a men's shirt, holds your remote and cell phone in its pockets!

Not long before Christmas, I attended the Intermediate Fashion Show at NSCAD with my lovely friends Missy and Will. We really fell in love with unique pieces like the shirt with the filled in pieces in the back and the large comfortable looking hoods. We also loved lines including the masculine pieces with the neutral color palette and the beautiful tan pieces!