Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ze Halloween Recap

Surprise, surprise - I couldn't decide on one Halloween costume! This resulted in, among other things, one very darling (I hope) mouse costume and one slightly ridiculous Damsel in Distress costume.

You can see my mouse costume below. Also, here I am as a Damsel (you can't really see the tracks, but they are there, I promise). Also, I seem to be being threatened with a bloody knife by a fisherman...

I think the Damsel costume was totally cute (and gave me an excuse to wear this nude-colored high waisted bubble skirt which does not seem appropriate on any other occasion), but I may have to cast my vote for the mouse because it was much more obvious.

Through the run of the weekend, four Halloween parties, one trip to Pacifico, and one Halloween potluck, I saw many fabulous costumes including Cindy Lou Hoo and the Grinch, a sexy batman, a clever duct tape princess, a fabulous scarecrow, a sweet maid, and Hollywood trash.

It is no wonder, after all of that, that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!