Monday, October 25, 2010

The Halloween Costume Dilemma

With only a few days to Halloween, I am still trying to settle on the perfect costume. After giving up on my "pink panther" idea because I could not find the perfect pink tights, I am caught between two ideas: a Mouse (the classic ears-on-a-headband type costume, and an homage to Mean Girls?)

Or Damsel in Distress (inspired by Nell Fenwick from the Dudley Do-Right Show, complete with train tracks).

Stay tuned to find out what I decide and whether it's a hit or miss!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turbine Showcase 2010

Turbine will be showing off its fall collection of fashion, jewellery and handbags on November 5th at 7 pm. The event will feature 350 pieces, and will wrap up with a shopping party!

Attendees will also have the chance to win a $500 Shopping Spree at Turbine!

Location: St. Patrick’s Church, Halifax
Tickets are $50 and they can be purchased at Turbine Boutique, by calling 902.429.0986, or by emailing Julie at

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy October!

It's the ultimate update to cure the first-chill blues - a sequin silver tshirt dress from Ness'pAs Designs!

In other October news, it's time to begin contemplating the biggest fall fashion question of all - what will you wear for Halloween? Will you go for the classic mildly (or mainly) skimpy costume, or the total fashion route?

Throughout the years, we have tried to mix fashion with Halloween fun, including Lady Gaga and Perez, and a fierce Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I'm still on the fence about what this year's glorious costume idea will be.. !