Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Ultimate Shopping List for a Fall Spree

1. Anna Sui nail polish - something like a Passion Pink can bring summer sensations into September. Plus, the rose shaped bottles are so desirable. They have the Anna Sui beauty line - and hopefully the polish - at Sears (plenty of locations around Hali)

2. Some adorable flats, like those from Pretty Ballerinas, the Montreal based shop with a gift for perfect foot fashion. There is only a bit of time between sandals and boots, so I feel it's best to make the most of September with totally cute styles.

3. A modern leather jacket or bomber jacket (or both) to help those summer dresses transition from the sunny weather to the fall chill. Here are some styles from Danier Leather (locations in Bayers Lake and MicMac!).


  1. i am just planning for halloween as well. got a wicked costume. u're from halifax right? im coming there in 3 weeks to dalhousie for a university competition. maybe u can give me some pointers on where its good to shop and what u recommend as for places. i would love to hear from u.

  2. Hi Mina! I would suggest sticking to the downtown area. There are tons of fabulous places to shop. Check out Joanne David, Sweet Pea Boutique, Turbine and Biscuit for sure. I have also heard good things about this new place called 24 twenty eight.