Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love for Love 21

Forever 21 has come out with a maternity line. Check out the first article I read about this lovely occurrence here.

So, does creating a fashionable line of maternity clothing encourage teens to get pregnant? I think that's a stretch. Girls with a bun in the oven deserve to look fabulous too.

Also, I could have sworn I am of the appropriate age group to be wearing Forever 21? And although it makes me cringe to admit this, I have quite a few friends from high school who are having babies. And like moi, I'm sure that they want some $20 cardigans and $10 jeans.

Oh, and P.S., teen moms exist, and they have to wear clothes too. Seriously, if tv has taught me anything it's that life is hard enough for a teen mom, without worrying that you can't find an affordable summer dress or cozy winter sweater!

Of course, like so many things we drool over online, Love 21 Maternity is only available in the States. Never fear Halifax fashionistas, I'm sure that like the Faith 21 line, success with this line will mean it makes its way over the border.

*Thanks to Julia for the link, and for pushing me out of my blogging funk :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Slight Update

Wow.. I have truly been absent from the blogosphere! Perhaps I'll be in touch soon about the perils of dressing for a funeral? It has been a sad and hectic few days.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Check out some Cosmopolitan design in the Country!

Check out Lisa Drader-Murphy's chic home decor in East Coast Living. Her eye for design encompasses clothing and interiors! With my mind on decorating a new apartment in September, Lisa's house gives me some fashionable inspiration.