Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thursday at Turbine

On Thursday night I ran to Turbine after work for their "Kick off your Weekend" event. We drank some lovely bubbly, and Cindy Wheeler of Customizing Wardrobes dished out fashion advice. It was a totally fabulous way to spend the night before my birthday!

I picked up one of Turbine's signature belts, and a pair of sunglassses. Perfecto!

Thanks to Lisa, Cindy, Kyle and Emily for throwing a great event!

Here are my top 5 must-sees at Turbine right now:

Great professional skirts with fun texture and colors

Delightfully shiny tops in bright colors, with the ruched necklines!

The sunglasses - perfect for summer, with great designs (I picked up a pair with bright blue designs on the sides)

Professional, pinstriped shorts with the ribbon-tied waist. I first saw these at the Dress for Success fashion show, and they looked totally fabulous.

Bright dresses that can go from day to night. Totally cute.

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