Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fashion Focus

Things I have learned this year:

1. Making your own clothing is easier than you would think (check out NSCAD Extended Studies courses to learn to sew - thanks Anne!)

2. Shopping is even easier. Living in the South End has been dangerous for me - Joanne David and Allie's Boutique are both on my block! If you're not lucky enough to live in my prime location, you can always check them out on facebook to see what's new!

3. Vintage is in! It is unbelievable how often I hear people talking about their latest vintage find, and people seem to be getting more into the trend. Whether you love vintage because its good for the earth, good for the pocketbook, or just plain good style, you are in the right city - Elsie's Used Clothing, Dressed in Time, and The Clothes Horse are bursting with great finds, along with many others!

4. Halifax is a fashionable city. I began this blog thinking that perhaps I would run out of things to write about and have to expand, but it has opened my eyes to such a huge fashion community in the city. Thanks to fellow fashion bloggers like Perry Paris and local designers like Lisa Drader-Murphy, the local fashion scene is booming!

5. Style is alive and well. It's easy to become disheartened by everyday appearances of pajama pants, or the "come-back" of shoulder pads, but the truth is stylish people still rule the world! I see stylish people in all aspects of my life these days, and it is fabulous.

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