Sunday, May 23, 2010

With the temperature rising...

It's finally starting to feel like real honest-to-goodness summer, and I feel I must divulge some of my big fashion do's for the heat:

1. Explore fashion.
With the summer heat comes the urge to get out and walk around. Take a stroll up Barrington, or along the waterfront, or on Spring Garden, and stop in some shops and boutiques you hardly ever (or never) get to. On my list for this summer: Turbine, Joanne David, Biscuit, Allie's Boutique, and anything else that catches my attention!

On the top of my shopping list: One of these fabulous wrap belts from Turbine.

2. Be bright. Be bold. I found a bright orange dress from Pure Alfred Sung last year and I got so many compliments because the color just popped! It brightened the day, and it put a smile on people's faces. Of course, clowns get a similar reaction, but if you can bring a burst of fun to the day without wearing a rubber nose, it'll be a great summer!

I spotted this delightfully pink frock on etsy and it is just what I mean!

3. Pick shoes for comfort, color and character - it takes me a long time to find the perfect pair of shoes, but I always keep looking. In fact, I've been on the hunt for a pair of red flats all year. My big secret - when I find the perfect pair, I can always afford them. Hell, if you're looking for a year without settling for a pair you're not in love with, think of all the money you have saved! Your feet deserve it <3

(Secret #2: I occasionally give in and buy a less expensive - less supportive - pair just for fashion's sake. My fave online place for cheap and trendy summer sandals is

4. Wear white (all year long). It is such a fresh color, and it can really add a great pop to an outfit as well. I'm with Herald columnist Eva Hoare, we don't have to wait for the queen's birthday to pull the white out of the closet! Read her article here

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