Sunday, April 25, 2010

WAS 2010

Greetings Hali-fashionistas and welcome to the wild world of NSCAD Wearable Art.

Pre-show: The centre was alive with hair, makeup, photography, and excitement. Getting the first glimpse of the amazing looks presented on stage was phenomenal. When the lights went down for the runway checks, the anticipation was almost unbearable!

My review begins at Set #4. It's fairly tragic that I missed the first three sets, but someone had to watch the door and let in the wonderful audience! And there was so much to take in no matter when the show truly started for you.

Paper Doll Dress by Hannah Newton & Laura Dempsey: These paper doll dresses seemed very couture-inspired. They were fabulously detailed, especially considering the fact that they were made of paper. Imagine how easily they could have been torn! What a fabulous job.

During the intermission, the crowds had the opportunity to check out designs up close including these:

The piece affectionately called "Pig guts", which I must admit I saw long before the show while snooping around the fashion studio after sewing class, was strangely beautiful. Deservedly... it was quite a long process to put it together.

The on-stage transformation of the Pheonix Dress, by Derrick Dixon, was accompanied by a video showing the actual burning of the dress which transformed it in the first place. Photos were also displayed upstairs, showing the first stage with its neutrals, and the final stages with the skirt full of color.

Watching the fire burn away the thread that held the neutrals in place over the colored layers was simply mesmerizing.

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