Sunday, April 25, 2010

WAS 2010

Greetings Hali-fashionistas and welcome to the wild world of NSCAD Wearable Art.

Pre-show: The centre was alive with hair, makeup, photography, and excitement. Getting the first glimpse of the amazing looks presented on stage was phenomenal. When the lights went down for the runway checks, the anticipation was almost unbearable!

My review begins at Set #4. It's fairly tragic that I missed the first three sets, but someone had to watch the door and let in the wonderful audience! And there was so much to take in no matter when the show truly started for you.

Paper Doll Dress by Hannah Newton & Laura Dempsey: These paper doll dresses seemed very couture-inspired. They were fabulously detailed, especially considering the fact that they were made of paper. Imagine how easily they could have been torn! What a fabulous job.

During the intermission, the crowds had the opportunity to check out designs up close including these:

The piece affectionately called "Pig guts", which I must admit I saw long before the show while snooping around the fashion studio after sewing class, was strangely beautiful. Deservedly... it was quite a long process to put it together.

The on-stage transformation of the Pheonix Dress, by Derrick Dixon, was accompanied by a video showing the actual burning of the dress which transformed it in the first place. Photos were also displayed upstairs, showing the first stage with its neutrals, and the final stages with the skirt full of color.

Watching the fire burn away the thread that held the neutrals in place over the colored layers was simply mesmerizing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

W.A.S. 2010

Just got home from the NSCAD Wearable Art Show. First impressions: fabulous, creative, insane (in the best way).

Photos and real reviews coming soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm sure I could spend hours watching videos of Viktor & Rolf fashion shows. Recently I've watched the Cutting Edge Couture runway video on their website, from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. You must watch it, its far too hard to describe. Imagine a model dressed in 30 layers on a revolving disk, being undressed by V & R layer by layer, and having her clothing put on other models to walk the runway. It is so imaginative.

Another fabulous creation from the minds of these fab designers is the line that uses tulle in completely unexpected ways:

Love. Love. Love.

10th Anniversary Tea Party Celebration - Dress for Success Event

I had the pleasure of volunteering today with Turbine designer Lisa Drader-Murphy and her team at the 10th Anniversary Tea Party Celebration and Fashion Show in support of Dress for Success.

Great event checklist:

Shopping, check.
Silent Auction full of great items, check.
Fabulous band, check. (The always classy Tom Collins Band)
Extra fun elements, like psychic readings, check.
Fabulous fashion show, big check!
All for a good cause, super bonus!

Throughout the fashion show, we were backstage helping the models find their next outfit being showcased by Turbine. There were bright colors, fabulous patterns, and stylish accessories. Hectic, hectic, hectic, and so much fun! Thanks to the Turbine team for letting me help out.

I have absolutely no pictures of the show itself because I was backstage, but it was well worth it!

After the show the clothing was wheeled out and the audience went crazy for Lisa's designs! All in all, it was a great event for everyone.

Gratuitous Fashion Love

I love fashion (clearly) and today I feel the need to express this love by showing you some recent looks by Dolce and Gabbana. They, I must say, are looks I would love to rock. This is the thing about fashion that is most impressive, D&G has been around since before I was BORN and they are still totally contemporary.

P.S. Newsflash - curves are back! Busty beauties have been representing in recent fashion shows. I love it. This, ladies and gents, is the world of fashion today!

Atlantic Fashion Week - Designer Showcase

What a great night the Designer Showcase turned out to be, despite the cold weather! This time the venue was the World Trade Convention Centre in Windows on the 8th floor. Decor was excellent! Every seat felt like the front row because of the layout, and the runway took an interesting twist around the room.

The room was comfortably full - not too packed, but not empty feeling. There was excitement in the air. My seat was luckily close to the point in the runway where the models stopped for photos, so I got a few from the side view that show off the lovely designs of the evening.

The show began with Lisa Drader-Murphy and Joanne Lawen as our lovely MCs, introducing the show and everyone involved. They looked super stylish - Lisa was rocking some absolutely fabulous red shoes, and Joanne was wearing an equally fabulous multi-layered pinstripe skirt. (I was at the wrong end of the room, so my photos don't really do them justice!)

Stanfields was up first with some samples of Nova Scotian made underwear. All I can say is, there are some good looking men in Halifax, and underwear have never seemed so in style.

Next on the runway was Maxwell-John Designs. They have definitely leapt on the chance to develop sexy and fun clothing for women. I could truly see my friends going out in their frocks.

Third to the stage was 3 Elements. The looks were perfectly girly, and so great for summer.

I am a huge fan of the pieces decorated with the fabric flowers. They look so delicate and fresh.

Sunsets on the Eastside was up next. I was expecting something fresh and energetic, and I wasn't disappointed when the runway was filled with neutral pieces energized with bright patterns. I won't dwell on the fact that they are amazing designers. I will, however, post a photo of my fave look, and of the designers themselves. Check out more about the designers and their line at

Orphanage Clothing served us something edgy and creative, as they always do, with the big shoulders that plenty of designers have been using this year. They seem to be more organic as part of Orphanage's line though, not just part of the trend.

I also adore the look of zippers along the length of an outfit, as with both pieces pictured! So stylish.

Last but most certainly not least, Veronica MacIsaac's line took the stage. Prepare to be dazzled by a plethora of celtic inspired outfits, inspired this year by the late great Alexander McQueen.

The Designer Showcase, as expected, was exciting and inspiring. I can't wait for the next season!

For more on Atlantic Fashion Week, visit the official blog of the events:

Day 7: Babs Bunny

My apologies on this, the last day of my cartoon fashion challenge - this is more of an "inspired by" and less of a "true representation".

My inspiration? Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons. She was quite a memorable character, and I enjoyed copying her color palette and outfit basics. I wore two yellow bows in my hair, a simple purple tshirt, and a sweet black jumper. I think I would fit in if I were to visit Acme Acres.

Day 6: Natasha

The past few days have felt a bit too sweet, I thought it might be time to throw in one of the bad girls of cartoon - Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Although bumbling, Boris and Natasha were my favorite cartoon villains. Here I am, evading the law in a purple dress inspired by the treacherous Natasha herself.

LG Fashion Week 2010

Get ready for a ton of posts while I watch today's Fashion Television and catch up with all of my recent fashion thoughts after the whirlwind of AFW.

First up: Review of LG Fashion Week

My favorites included pieces from (in no particular order):

Katrina Tuttle. This local fashion maven has been living and breathing fashion since her younger days, and she has recently risen to the top of the fashion scene in Atlantic Canada. She was the first east coast designer to participate in Toronto's Fashion Week. She is a great ambassador for the Halifax fashion scene for many reasons, including fabulous quotes like: "I believe that great fashion comes from an incredible passion and the rawest forms of inspiration."

You can find out more about her designs at

The pieces she showed in Toronto were lovely neutrals with fantastic layering possbilities. Her tailoring and the details in each piece are just phenomenal and give her line so much character.

Preloved. Since 1995, this line has been providing the fashion world with pieces created from "rebuilt" vintage clothing. Very interesting looks:

Lovas by Wesley Badanjak. The pieces presented by Badanjak are truly, as described, modern silhouettes. They look like they belong on the runway, but I could easily see myself wearing any one of these looks in the daily grind.

I especially love the bright pinks, which bring out lovely visions of spring.

David Dixon. I really wanted to be in love with Dixon's Barbie line, but it felt retro in a way that I just don't think was my style. I did, however, love his own line with pieces like this dress, which I would fully endorse my Barbie wearing:

Coccolily. I really adore the entire aesthetic of the show, with the big curly hair and the natural and edgy blend of makeup. The collection was a perfect combination of work and play, with terrifically feminine details like ruffles, pouf sleeves, bows, and lace. You can see that designer Naana Tennachie Yankey stays true to the idea that women deserve to be draped in luxury.

Evan Biddell. I have a certain sense of fondness towards Biddell because I have a certain friend who was absolutely in love with him. The clothes, though, speak for themselves. The amount of detail in these two dresses is to die for.

To tell you the truth, there were a few pieces that I was not too fond of in fashion week overall, but fashion is meant to be loved, and I feel like there's no point in sharing anything else!