Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where will Hali-fashionistas be this spring?

April 10th: Costume Studies Year End Show and Open House, Dalhousie Theatre Department Event
Tickets: $15
Students in the department will showcase pieces created this year. The show will be followed by an open house at the Costume Studies Studio. Sounds quite interesting!
7:00 pm, Lord Nelson Hotel

April 15th - 18th: Atlantic Fashion Week
Co-MCs - Joanne Lawen of Joanne David (which you know I love) and Lisa Drader-Murphy of Turbine Clothing (who I will be volunteering with for the Dress for Success event on the 18th!)

15th. Emerging Designer Showcase. 15 emerging designers have been announced for this show - there should be some fresh and fabulous designs!

16th. Designer Showcase. This time around the showcase is taking place at the World Trade Centre. New digs, same great designers! The designers I featured last year, Sunsets on the Eastside and Veronica MacIsaac, will both be showing again. It should be a great night!

18th. Gala Event. Fashion Week is partnering with Maritime Beauty to throw a huge event!

April 18th: 10th Anniversary Tea Party Celebration, Dress for Success Halifax Event
Tickets: $45
An afternoon of fashion, including the unveiling of Turbine's Spring/Summer 2010 collection, a fashion marketplace full of booths selling beautiful local pieces, and a live performance from the Tom Collins band.

Proceeds go to Dress for Success Halifax! It's a good cause - come out and support!
(P.S. Yours truly is helping with setup and I'll be back stage during the show!)

April 21st: NSCAD Wearable Art Show, 20th Annual
The runway/performance show features pieces of wearable art dreamed up by NSCAD students. It's a show that's sure to be full of surprises!
(And I'm also volunteering with this event, so come on out and say hi!)

A Fashionista's Spring Challenge

I truly enjoyed my fashion project in the Winter (the 25 days of fashion). I have been looking for a Spring project, and I was recently inspired by my fellow Halifax fashion bloggers (see the last post).

Although I am perhaps not daring enough to dress as Carrie Bradshaw for a week, I have come up with my own challenge - for the next 7 days I'm going to dress as some of my favorite cartoon females! It will take some creativity for sure.

Stay tuned!

More Fashion in Halifax

I have to feature this fellow Halifax fashion blog for many reasons:

1. Ally dressed like Carrie Bradshaw for an entire week.
2. I also sincerely wish we could outlaw the wearing of pajama pants in public.

So here you go, check it out:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fashion Reincarnation

My first big project of the Spring (first of many, hopefully) was repurposing my Mom's old leather jacket. It was very 80s, and now it's kind of cropped & fabulous.

I had to take in the arms and the sides, hem the bottom, change the neckline, add a zipper... holy moly! It was a mild success - the inside is a bit of a mess, but no one will see that while it's being worn (again, hopefully).

Check it out:



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Support me in the Relay For Life by pledging here

I relay for my uncle, who recently died of cancer. I also relay for my grandmother who is currently fighting the disease.

It's fashionable to fight.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Park Lane Perusing

I actually paid a visit to Park Lane Mall yesterday (real shopping world, hello!) with my cousin Emily.

First stop, P'Lovers, to check out some fabulous eco products. I enjoy the silk scarves :)

Next stop, Envy and Pseudio, for some hot outfits for a night out. At Pseudio we found a bunch of sales, and I picked up two tunic style shirts that will be fabulous for spring and summer. My favorite thing to purchase right now is a nice tunic that can be worn with tights now and none later!

You should check it out!

Forever fashionable

One of my favorite places to shop online is the Canadian Forever 21 site at
(Sorry for the intense focus on online shopping lately - you can tell I haven't been out in the real shopping world in a while)

Right now they are featuring Destination 21, a spring collection specifcally for spring breakers! Depending on your plans, you can check out fashion-casual outdoorsy pieces, gems for jet-setting, and beachy looks. To see what you should be sporting on break, check out

I may need to purchase the heart compact mirror (although I'm not really a spring breaker). I will have to check out the new spring florals section as well, but I have already picked up one of the fab cardigans from that section!

Also, Forever 21 magazine is coming soon!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fashion with Purpose

It's always great to merge fashion with passion, and International Sanctuary does just that by allowing victims of human trafficking to create something beautiful. The jewelry created by these survivors is super fashionable, and working on the handcrafts helps them gain skills to help them become independant.

It truly is a purchase with purpose.

Check out this bracelet called the "ring of fire":

Shop International Sanctuary here
Learn more about the organization here


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