Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am working on a post about the wonders of fashion in Toronto as we speak, but in the meantime I wanted to let you in on a secret: I picked a Halloween costume for this year (you are going to be SO excited!)

(Yes, it is very very early to be thinking of such things, but I LOVE Halloween, and I was inspired during my trip.)

I am going to be a peacock!

My original inspiration came from this fabulous peacock ballet outfit in a costume shop called Malabar. Ha-cha-cha.

I picked up a pair of fake eyelashes with a streak of bright green, and a pair of bright blue tights. It's obviously a bit of a complicated costume, so I'm glad I came up with the idea now. I'm thinking outrageous and bright eye makeup, and tons of strategically placed feathers.


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