Friday, February 12, 2010

"Fashion, Put It All On Me"

Although I am still working on my post from T.O. (things have been busy), I feel it is completely necessary to move away from that topic for at least one post to discuss some recent news.

Fashion legend Alexander McQueen was found dead this week in his London home. The genius of color, texture and style was born in London and became a clothing designer at a very young age (he began his career at 16).

Anna Wintour called him "one of the greatest talents of his generation."

He created garments for both famous and everyday fashionistas. He will be remembered for shocking us with his adventurous fashions, and his tragic death. It is a tremendous loss for the world of fashion.

I had been working on a piece about love-inspired clothing for valentines day, but I have scrapped it in favor of a bit of McQueen inspired art (I hope it still makes you feel a little bit of love and romance)

As promised, I have also attempted this post in french. No matter your language, you will be moved by the death of such a fashion icon:
Une legende de mode, Alexander McQueen, a été trouver mort cette semaine. Il était un génie de mode. Il a été né à Londres, et il est devenue un créateur des vêtements à un jeune âge. Il a créé les vêtements pour les célébrité et pour les personnes normales aussi. C'est une tragédie pour le monde de la mode.

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