Thursday, January 14, 2010

So I Can Sew

I started my NSCAD class tonight - Sewing Techniques.

Project #1 - Make a nametag from fabric. Be creative.

Project #2 - Lounge pants. For sleeping. Okay, pajama pants, but that just sounds a little silly to me! Either way, I am already coming up with ideas.

Project #3 - The bag. Any style, any function - using all kinds of skills like zippers.. I am extremely excited to learn how to put in a zipper. There are so many things I could fix in my wardrobe if I could do zippers! Plus, I'm going to create a fab bag!
I'm thinking this kind of shape, but bigger, for travelling:

I have a lovely patterned (and stained) jacket that I think I will use for the fabric.

Super Duper NSCADerific.

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