Friday, January 22, 2010

I find myself thinking about baggage

So I am desperately trying to decide what kind of design I will use for the bag I am making in sewing class right after I get back from Toronto... hooray!

Here are some ideas of the basic shape I want. I hope it's doable:
For fabric I'm hoping to re-purpose the pieces I have chopped off of a long jacket my aunt got me, and I promptly stained... I'm going to hem it and restore it to its original glory :) Its an amazing brown patterned fabric. I'm hoping to use handles from an old bag that I now use as a laundry basket. I'm all about re-using!

I hope it turns out okay. I'll let you know!
Plus, stay tuned for details on my fabulous trip to T.O. (during which I will be using my trusty red luggage and dreaming of my new bag!)

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