Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fashionista's Guide to Packing

Sitting in my living room, watching In Fashion, and starting to pack for my T.O. trip. The more I travel, the more I learn about packing. It's tragic to find yourself in a new city with clothes that are a mess of wrinkles, OR to find yourself without the pieces you want to make a great outfit.

I am being converted to the roll-everything philosophy. I also try to condense by taking one piece instead of two - like a dress instead of a shirt and skirt.

And, call me an over-planner, but I like to make a list of the outfits I'll need to wear each day. Then I will always throw in a few casual pieces for hanging out in the hotel. And, of course, something hot for a trip to the bar, if that's part of the game plan!

So, here is the current list (it's a 10 day trip... so it's extensive):

Tops (9 - I'm a fan of layers. I may try to cut down on these.)
-purple button-down structed shirt, turquoise sweater shirt with lacy back detail, purple tshirt
-lacy black camisole
-plain back cardigan, sequined black cardigan, leopard print cardigan
-professional grey vest, beige short-sleeved blazer

Frocks (5)
-drapy dress with purple/grey/black dots and sweatheart neckline (it's new!), fitted blue dress with a simple neckline and cap sleeves, simple grey work dress, purple dress with keyhole neckline, black jumper

Bottoms (5)
-simple black pants, grey pants, black jeans, blue jeans
-black tights

The Little Details
-skinny black belt and thick black belt

Plus, pjs, of course.

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