Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fashionista's Guide to Packing

Sitting in my living room, watching In Fashion, and starting to pack for my T.O. trip. The more I travel, the more I learn about packing. It's tragic to find yourself in a new city with clothes that are a mess of wrinkles, OR to find yourself without the pieces you want to make a great outfit.

I am being converted to the roll-everything philosophy. I also try to condense by taking one piece instead of two - like a dress instead of a shirt and skirt.

And, call me an over-planner, but I like to make a list of the outfits I'll need to wear each day. Then I will always throw in a few casual pieces for hanging out in the hotel. And, of course, something hot for a trip to the bar, if that's part of the game plan!

So, here is the current list (it's a 10 day trip... so it's extensive):

Tops (9 - I'm a fan of layers. I may try to cut down on these.)
-purple button-down structed shirt, turquoise sweater shirt with lacy back detail, purple tshirt
-lacy black camisole
-plain back cardigan, sequined black cardigan, leopard print cardigan
-professional grey vest, beige short-sleeved blazer

Frocks (5)
-drapy dress with purple/grey/black dots and sweatheart neckline (it's new!), fitted blue dress with a simple neckline and cap sleeves, simple grey work dress, purple dress with keyhole neckline, black jumper

Bottoms (5)
-simple black pants, grey pants, black jeans, blue jeans
-black tights

The Little Details
-skinny black belt and thick black belt

Plus, pjs, of course.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I find myself thinking about baggage

So I am desperately trying to decide what kind of design I will use for the bag I am making in sewing class right after I get back from Toronto... hooray!

Here are some ideas of the basic shape I want. I hope it's doable:
For fabric I'm hoping to re-purpose the pieces I have chopped off of a long jacket my aunt got me, and I promptly stained... I'm going to hem it and restore it to its original glory :) Its an amazing brown patterned fabric. I'm hoping to use handles from an old bag that I now use as a laundry basket. I'm all about re-using!

I hope it turns out okay. I'll let you know!
Plus, stay tuned for details on my fabulous trip to T.O. (during which I will be using my trusty red luggage and dreaming of my new bag!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Breaking News

Here is some news for Halifax fashionistas: The Centre for Arts and Technology is introducing a new program in Fashion Design and Merchandising.
So far details include:
Length - 24 months
Start date - July
(The program is pending approval from the Department of Education)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Barbie Meet Gaga

In keeping with the idea of a makeover for Barbie for the new decade, I absolutely had to post this

When you follow the link you'll find Barbie trying out tons of Lady Gaga's looks. Some of them in my opinion don't even look good on Barbie - others are totally FAB!
Like this one:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So I Can Sew

I started my NSCAD class tonight - Sewing Techniques.

Project #1 - Make a nametag from fabric. Be creative.

Project #2 - Lounge pants. For sleeping. Okay, pajama pants, but that just sounds a little silly to me! Either way, I am already coming up with ideas.

Project #3 - The bag. Any style, any function - using all kinds of skills like zippers.. I am extremely excited to learn how to put in a zipper. There are so many things I could fix in my wardrobe if I could do zippers! Plus, I'm going to create a fab bag!
I'm thinking this kind of shape, but bigger, for travelling:

I have a lovely patterned (and stained) jacket that I think I will use for the fabric.

Super Duper NSCADerific.

Monday, January 11, 2010

T.O. in 15 days!

My excitement for my trip to Toronto is building. I love Hali, but there is something to be said about getting out of here to see what the rest of the world is wearing! To gear up for my trip I'm checking out websites like:

Top shopping destinations:
H&M (they have different stock in different cities)
Spoof (they even have a deal of the day!)
The Shoe Company
Jacob (I just love it)
Forever 21 (for SURE)
Katie on Queen St.
Canada One Factory Outlet (becauseee we're going to Niagara Falls on a day trip. Hopefully I can sneak away for discount shopping)

Ridiculous Goals for 2010...

1. Meet Jeanne Beker
2. Write something for a fashion mag.
3. Learn to sew like a pro.
4. Attend LG Fashion Week. (March 15-20.. Anyone want to drive to T.O. avec moi?)
5. Find a really comfy perfect pair of pumps.
6. Achieve some kind of fashion careeeer.
7. Gain 25 blog followers!
8. Attend a masquerade ball.
9. Pick the music for a fashion show.
10. Be ridiculously fabulous everday.

(Added after the fact)
11. Interview a designer for In Fashion or Fashion File

Friday, January 1, 2010

What a doll! What a decade!

Ringing in the New Year inspired me to think to the future! It's a new decade, and things are bound to change for the better - including Barbie!

I would love to see a fresh, fun look for Barbie. She is a risk-taker, I'm sure! And practical, too. I mean, she has all those careers under her belt! So a dress with an elaborate neckline eliminates the need for a necklace.

A retro polka-dotted jacket can dress her up for work, while a flirty headband is perfect for night life. Ohhh Barbie, you're set for the new year! What a fashionista!

New Years Eve 2010

This blue dress is the new love of my life. It was a Christmas gift from the best aunt ever, and the thin belt makes it a bit edgier for NYE.

I wore it to work earlier in the day, and it was quite perfect for that too.

My black tights were not totally opaque... I find it hard to choose between the sheer and the opaque. What is the fashionable thing these days?

Also, my grandmother called this dress "slinky dinky". I'm not sure what that means, but it makes me laugh.