Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Fashion to all and to all a Good Night

Haven't posted in a while - I have been working on some other writing, but in the spirit of Christmas I thought I would post some sewing projects that were gifts for the holidays!

Constructed from 'hello kitty' fabric from the thrift store, I crafted a yoga mat bag, which can also be used as a bag for rolled paper for it's new owner, who goes to NSCAD! The pillow, made from a men's shirt, holds your remote and cell phone in its pockets!

Not long before Christmas, I attended the Intermediate Fashion Show at NSCAD with my lovely friends Missy and Will. We really fell in love with unique pieces like the shirt with the filled in pieces in the back and the large comfortable looking hoods. We also loved lines including the masculine pieces with the neutral color palette and the beautiful tan pieces!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ze Halloween Recap

Surprise, surprise - I couldn't decide on one Halloween costume! This resulted in, among other things, one very darling (I hope) mouse costume and one slightly ridiculous Damsel in Distress costume.

You can see my mouse costume below. Also, here I am as a Damsel (you can't really see the tracks, but they are there, I promise). Also, I seem to be being threatened with a bloody knife by a fisherman...

I think the Damsel costume was totally cute (and gave me an excuse to wear this nude-colored high waisted bubble skirt which does not seem appropriate on any other occasion), but I may have to cast my vote for the mouse because it was much more obvious.

Through the run of the weekend, four Halloween parties, one trip to Pacifico, and one Halloween potluck, I saw many fabulous costumes including Cindy Lou Hoo and the Grinch, a sexy batman, a clever duct tape princess, a fabulous scarecrow, a sweet maid, and Hollywood trash.

It is no wonder, after all of that, that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Halloween Costume Dilemma

With only a few days to Halloween, I am still trying to settle on the perfect costume. After giving up on my "pink panther" idea because I could not find the perfect pink tights, I am caught between two ideas: a Mouse (the classic ears-on-a-headband type costume, and an homage to Mean Girls?)

Or Damsel in Distress (inspired by Nell Fenwick from the Dudley Do-Right Show, complete with train tracks).

Stay tuned to find out what I decide and whether it's a hit or miss!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turbine Showcase 2010

Turbine will be showing off its fall collection of fashion, jewellery and handbags on November 5th at 7 pm. The event will feature 350 pieces, and will wrap up with a shopping party!

Attendees will also have the chance to win a $500 Shopping Spree at Turbine!

Location: St. Patrick’s Church, Halifax
Tickets are $50 and they can be purchased at Turbine Boutique, by calling 902.429.0986, or by emailing Julie at

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy October!

It's the ultimate update to cure the first-chill blues - a sequin silver tshirt dress from Ness'pAs Designs!

In other October news, it's time to begin contemplating the biggest fall fashion question of all - what will you wear for Halloween? Will you go for the classic mildly (or mainly) skimpy costume, or the total fashion route?

Throughout the years, we have tried to mix fashion with Halloween fun, including Lady Gaga and Perez, and a fierce Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I'm still on the fence about what this year's glorious costume idea will be.. !

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Ultimate Shopping List for a Fall Spree

1. Anna Sui nail polish - something like a Passion Pink can bring summer sensations into September. Plus, the rose shaped bottles are so desirable. They have the Anna Sui beauty line - and hopefully the polish - at Sears (plenty of locations around Hali)

2. Some adorable flats, like those from Pretty Ballerinas, the Montreal based shop with a gift for perfect foot fashion. There is only a bit of time between sandals and boots, so I feel it's best to make the most of September with totally cute styles.

3. A modern leather jacket or bomber jacket (or both) to help those summer dresses transition from the sunny weather to the fall chill. Here are some styles from Danier Leather (locations in Bayers Lake and MicMac!).

New places to spend your shopping budget!

Coming to Canada, a Vancouver shop called "Holly" after Audrey Hepburn's classic character in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The store will stock many different popular lines, including 7 For All Mankind and House of Harlow.

Also coming to Toronto and Edmonton - Victoria's Secret! It looks like Canadian girls are about to get just that much sexier.

Any news on shops coming to Halifax? Let me know if you have heard anything lately!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Julia Makes Me Want to Fly Virgin

Perhaps this is completely unrelated to fashion in Halifax (although the Julia is wearing some pretty kick-ass shorts in this video!), but check out and vote for my friend Julia to become the Virgin America Toronto Provocateur!

Not only would it be absolutely fabulous for an East Coaster to win the contest, but I'm also eager to see where Julia would fly (the winner gets 12 roundtrip excursions around the world), and what kind of fashion and fun she would feature on her very own Provocateur Blog!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Sale at JDA!

Stop by Joanne David Accessories on Barrington this week for a 50% off on select handbags, jewelry and accessories. I'm going to have to make some extra room in my moving boxes for some of those fabulous headbands!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shop Local On the Web

One of my favorite pastimes, especially during times of epic procrastination, is browsing Even better than browsing aimlessly is the "Shop Local" option, which allows you to search for etsy sellers in Halifax or NS.

Here are a few noteworthy Hali-etsyers:
Pip Robins Accessories.
A collection of cowls to keep your neck nice and toasty (and fashionable).

String Me Along Jewelry Designs.
I absolutely love this elegant cuff bracelet.

Mermaids Dream
Beautiful, local, handmade - what more could you ask for in a clutch?

The name alone makes you drool... wait until you see the fabulous feather-inspired earrings!

Shopping local, even online, is like a treasure hunt - you always know there is something fabulous buried in this city, you just have to find it.

Bringing the Heat

Thursday night was a fabulous combination of laughter, lingerie and a truly great cause. (Plus some shirtless men to round out the evening)

The HRM Firemen Calendar Release Party seemed to be a smashing success with the help of Jokers Comedy Club, Perry Paris, Fallon Jones, and some rock-hard abs. I arrived with some friends and my sister in tow, receiving a warm greeting and some steamy calendars from some brave firemen out on the street.

We enjoyed the atmosphere in Jokers, having never been there before. Perry Paris stopped by our table to say hi, completely confusing my sister who is not so in-tune with the blogosphere or the fashion world. My props to her though - she rocked her effortless look in a bright green plaid shirt this night and fit right in.

Then, it was time for some laughs and some fashion. The comedians were killer, including the hilarious Mark Little, and the Second Chance Couture lingerie had people sweating in their seats!

I spotted Vanessa Furlong on stage and remembered that I had fallen in love with some pieces from her Ness'pAs fall line:

(Post event, after some facebooking, we set a date to meet up at her studio soon to do a little (un)necessary splurging.)

At the end of the night the HRM Firemen strutted their stuff on the runway and reminded us that the evening had been for a very important cause - all proceeds went to the Nova Scotia Firefighters Burn Treatment Society.

I have to extend my congrats to everyone who was part of the event. Combining comedy and fashion was genius - it brought people into the seats who might not have been interested in fashion, but who saw that the runway can be just as entertaining as some so-funny-you-might-pee-your-pants style comedy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Those lovely summer sales

Dear Hali-fashionistas,
Here is a little summer sale to keep you going in this heat:
Turbine will be clearing out summer stock to make room for new treasures, only until Sunday, Aug 15.

They have promised a $25 rack, 50% off pieces, and $10 scarves and hats!
This is the perfect chance to pick up all of those pieces you have been keeping your eye on.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love for Love 21

Forever 21 has come out with a maternity line. Check out the first article I read about this lovely occurrence here.

So, does creating a fashionable line of maternity clothing encourage teens to get pregnant? I think that's a stretch. Girls with a bun in the oven deserve to look fabulous too.

Also, I could have sworn I am of the appropriate age group to be wearing Forever 21? And although it makes me cringe to admit this, I have quite a few friends from high school who are having babies. And like moi, I'm sure that they want some $20 cardigans and $10 jeans.

Oh, and P.S., teen moms exist, and they have to wear clothes too. Seriously, if tv has taught me anything it's that life is hard enough for a teen mom, without worrying that you can't find an affordable summer dress or cozy winter sweater!

Of course, like so many things we drool over online, Love 21 Maternity is only available in the States. Never fear Halifax fashionistas, I'm sure that like the Faith 21 line, success with this line will mean it makes its way over the border.

*Thanks to Julia for the link, and for pushing me out of my blogging funk :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Slight Update

Wow.. I have truly been absent from the blogosphere! Perhaps I'll be in touch soon about the perils of dressing for a funeral? It has been a sad and hectic few days.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Check out some Cosmopolitan design in the Country!

Check out Lisa Drader-Murphy's chic home decor in East Coast Living. Her eye for design encompasses clothing and interiors! With my mind on decorating a new apartment in September, Lisa's house gives me some fashionable inspiration.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Farewell to the Queen!

As the Queen heads out of Halifax, we breath a sigh of relief that the city will return to normal (following the insanity of Canada Day). Although I missed out on seeing her during her visit, I am sure she wore some dashing hats and bright colors.

The Queen's history is tightly linked to fashion. Following her coronation as Queen, she embarked on a six month tour of the Commonwealth. She enlisted the help of Norman Hartnell, influential designer and dressmaker to the Queen, to create over 100 new outfits for the trip! The clothing sent subtle but deliberate messages about the queen's status, and paid homage to the places she was visiting.

Although she moved from fairytale ball-gowns, to crisp tailoring, and back to softer lines depending on the decade, the Queen can't be described as a slave to fashion. Another of her personal designers, Hardy Amies, revealed in his autobiography that he often tried to persuade her to wear shorter skirts, but that she always made her decision based on what she might be doing in her travels - while visiting Pakistan she was once asked to ride an elephant! A short skirt simply would not do!

Both designers described her as a woman who listens to advice, but who has a keen sense of what suits her and is not swayed by the fashions of the day.

Of course, her fashion challenges are much different than those that we deal with in our everyday lives - she was once presented with a ceremonial feather cloak (above) from the Maori people of New Zealand - imagine accessorizing that!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

When stars expand into Fashion

On my fashion radar today: celebrity fashion lines. Madonna and her daughter Lourdes are soon coming out with a potentially fabulous, potentially disasterous line of clothing mixing tough and feminine pieces. (Check out Paris Mode for a glimpse at Madonna's style.)

Why do so many celebs want to design clothing? I think the truth is, we all wear clothing (hopefully), and we all have our own preferences about style and what we wear. When you have enough money to really do anything you want, it makes sense that so many want to share their own style... sometimes successfully. Sometimes not.

Mary Kate and AshleyOlsen's line Elizabeth and James seems like a departure from their baggy boho style, but the pieces are romantic.

Victoria Beckham, of course, can design fabulous dresses in her sleep

What celeb would you like to see come out with a fashion line? Lady Gaga? It is so hard to tell these days - I personally was totally excited for Nicole Richie's Winter Kate line, but I don't really enjoy all of the patterns. The designs, though, really are true to her style.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out of the Blue: A Letter from Lesotho

When Emma Fitzgerald told me about the projects she was working on with repurposed denim, I eagerly offered up my scrap denim pieces from hemmed jeans. I only really fully understood the purpose behind the project when I visited her at the Artists' Quarter on Agricola St. this week.

Emma was born in Lesotho, the small landlocked country surrounded by South Africa. She recently spent some time at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts working on her art, and now she is showing pieces inspired by the impact of the denim industry on Lesotho. The country produces 26 million pairs of jeans every year, in factories criticized for poor wages, mistreatment of staff, and pollution of waterways.

Although I absolutely love fashion, and a good pair of jeans, Emma's exhibit is important in reminding us of the potential costs of the clothing we wear. After leaving the exhibit my friends and I had to comment on how striking one image was, of the blue denim dye washing into a river in Lesotho.

Tomorrow is your last day to see the exhibit! I hope you can make it down to support Emma and learn about Lesotho.