Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From day 20 - 25. A little sad my 25 days are over!

Day 20 - That lovely purple H&M shirt again. This time, paired with my black sweater. Very cute, and it cinches the waist without the obviousness of a belt!

Day 21 - The orange and pink dress.
Truly, this is a summer dress. It is. It's my favorite on a summer work day, with a white belt.
For winter, I ditched the belt and paired it with some black tights. It gets a ton of compliments, but I imagine that's only because the summer colors brighten people's days.

Day 22 - Purple dress (you've seen it), black tights (staple), and a leopard print cardigan. Its probably my favorite piece of clothing ever.

Day 23 - I used that trusty black jumper again, with a summery purple floral shirt and grey tights to make it a little more winter-sensible.

Day 24 - Gladiator-esque shirt (maybe?), black shrug (fantastical), white belt (to dress it up), and those black jeans. A good way to end my run.

Day 25 - I took my leftover clothes to the shelter, along with a bunch of stuff my lovely friends brought over (on about day 10 I believe). They were so happy to have it, and I was happy to give it. Win. Win.

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