Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Day 15 - This jacket is a challenge. I can never figure out when or how to wear it. I do think that it looked good with this outfit - this black and white skirt is from the Alfred Sung collection for Zellers (love). Underneath, is a basic purple tshirt.

Day 16 - Black tights, black jumper, and a grey tshirt that I got in Calgs (which has since been ruined... I am really really spilly. Honestly, people shouldn't let me have nice things).

Day 17 - That purple dress again! This time with simple black tights. Sometimes you just have to let a piece of clothing stand on its own.

Task for the night: Going out with a friend for her birthday. This purple shirt is a little too "open" without the camisole underneath. With it - perfecto. Add a black cardigan and its good for a restaurant and a bar. Score!

Day 18 - This tshirt is positively ugly on its own (which is why I bought it on sale). The sleeves look great under my jumper though. The yellow belt adds a little excitement.

Day 19 - Easy for a lazy day - those grey pants that don't quite look crisp, purple tshirt, and my black buttoned cardy. Not the best look, not the most effort.

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