Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Holy moly, lets play catch-up.

Day 11 - Old brown sweater (still comfy), that purple floral H&M shirt (a good pop of color), and dark jeans.

Day 12 - Purple dress with black button accent on the top, and little beige jacket to make it more work-worthy. Two of my favorite pieces.

Day 13 - Casual - these clothes are all pretty much recycled from other outfits. Dark jeans, grey sweater, black camisole.. pretty basic.

Day 14 - Light blue button-down shirt with ruching by the waist. It has seen me through many a work day plus a few bar nights. These grey pants are wide legged, but they don't really seem totally crisp.. I may need to find a new pair! (Good excuse to go shopping. Although that is not the point of the 25 days of fashion.)

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