Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Forward to 2010

The 25 days of Fashion have inspired me to think of other ways I can give back to the world. It's not totally a fashion topic, but being charitable is always fashionable!

Here are my top 5 causes to give to in the new year:

Heifer International. This organization works to end hunger and poverty. By giving animals to families in need, they empower people to turn poverty into hope. I can totally get behind that.
I found out about it from here (this girl is hilarious, by the way)
When you give to the charity, you actually get to pick which animal you want to send to a family in poverty, so there are lots of different price ranges (like a flock of ducks - only $20!)

The Girl Effect. If you visit their website, it says "The World is a Mess. Agree or Disagree." Their solution? Encouraging girls to make a positive change in the world, because their participation in society can alter everything.
I found out about this one on facebook - see, it's good for something!

Bust a Move For Breast Health. This charity event is local, and super specific, but it represents something I feel strongly about. It's bringing people together to have fun and create opportunities for Nova Scotian women to have world-class breast health services. Cancer has really wreaked havoc with my family, and my Nan had breast cancer, so I support the cause, and it's not often you find a fundraiser that is truly FUN!

Provincial Autism Centre - Autism Golf Ball. Speaking of fun events, I somehow got hooked up with this super fun event where important people in Halifax come together to play mini golf, eat, drink, laugh, spend a bunch of money on superb silent auction prizes, dance,... and support an organization that supports kids and families with autism. The best part about the P.A.C., in my opinion, is that they really know their stuff - for families in NS, it's sometimes hard to find people who actually understand what autism means.
I volunteer with the P.A.C. to help plan the Golf Ball, and I'm hoping to get involved with some of their programs for autistic kids in the new year!

Saint Leonards Society of NS. I know people don't believe me when I say this, but if my parents had not had such strong and supportive family members during my childhood, we would have been homeless. I don't think that's an exaggeration. I also don't think it's an exaggeration to say that I have come a long way, and I can really give back now, to people who didn't have that support network. I think its amazing that Saint Leonards tries to provide something like that for people who are down on thier luck. It is so easy to get to that point.
This is where all my Christmas donations went!

I hope in the New Year everyone can find 5 causes they believe in so strongly. Happy 2010!

From day 20 - 25. A little sad my 25 days are over!

Day 20 - That lovely purple H&M shirt again. This time, paired with my black sweater. Very cute, and it cinches the waist without the obviousness of a belt!

Day 21 - The orange and pink dress.
Truly, this is a summer dress. It is. It's my favorite on a summer work day, with a white belt.
For winter, I ditched the belt and paired it with some black tights. It gets a ton of compliments, but I imagine that's only because the summer colors brighten people's days.

Day 22 - Purple dress (you've seen it), black tights (staple), and a leopard print cardigan. Its probably my favorite piece of clothing ever.

Day 23 - I used that trusty black jumper again, with a summery purple floral shirt and grey tights to make it a little more winter-sensible.

Day 24 - Gladiator-esque shirt (maybe?), black shrug (fantastical), white belt (to dress it up), and those black jeans. A good way to end my run.

Day 25 - I took my leftover clothes to the shelter, along with a bunch of stuff my lovely friends brought over (on about day 10 I believe). They were so happy to have it, and I was happy to give it. Win. Win.


Day 15 - This jacket is a challenge. I can never figure out when or how to wear it. I do think that it looked good with this outfit - this black and white skirt is from the Alfred Sung collection for Zellers (love). Underneath, is a basic purple tshirt.

Day 16 - Black tights, black jumper, and a grey tshirt that I got in Calgs (which has since been ruined... I am really really spilly. Honestly, people shouldn't let me have nice things).

Day 17 - That purple dress again! This time with simple black tights. Sometimes you just have to let a piece of clothing stand on its own.

Task for the night: Going out with a friend for her birthday. This purple shirt is a little too "open" without the camisole underneath. With it - perfecto. Add a black cardigan and its good for a restaurant and a bar. Score!

Day 18 - This tshirt is positively ugly on its own (which is why I bought it on sale). The sleeves look great under my jumper though. The yellow belt adds a little excitement.

Day 19 - Easy for a lazy day - those grey pants that don't quite look crisp, purple tshirt, and my black buttoned cardy. Not the best look, not the most effort.


Holy moly, lets play catch-up.

Day 11 - Old brown sweater (still comfy), that purple floral H&M shirt (a good pop of color), and dark jeans.

Day 12 - Purple dress with black button accent on the top, and little beige jacket to make it more work-worthy. Two of my favorite pieces.

Day 13 - Casual - these clothes are all pretty much recycled from other outfits. Dark jeans, grey sweater, black camisole.. pretty basic.

Day 14 - Light blue button-down shirt with ruching by the waist. It has seen me through many a work day plus a few bar nights. These grey pants are wide legged, but they don't really seem totally crisp.. I may need to find a new pair! (Good excuse to go shopping. Although that is not the point of the 25 days of fashion.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 10: From pattern to party

This patterned tshirt has been a favorite for a long time - although this pattern could totally look tacky, something about it totally appeals to me.

My party outfit was kind of "greek", as my friend Blair described it. The black top with gold detail around the neck gives a vaguely Cleopatra feel, while my little black shrug made it a little more dressy. Tights on the bottom made it a little more sexy and comfortable, rather than a skirt or jeans.

Day 9: Feeling fine... more or less

1 H1N1 flu shot + 1 Seasonal flu shot + 1 batch of blood work on the hunt for what in the world I am allergic to. This outfit was easy because I needed to be able to expose my arms to all the needles!

What a day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Stay Tuned

The age old Christmas party dilemma - what to wear?

Stay tuned to find out what I wear for the various Christmas parties of the season... plus NEw Years! (although that won't really be part of the 25 days of Fashion :( )

For now, please enjoy my dream Christmas party outfits :) The real thing will probably be much less extravagant, but we will still have just as many fab times.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 8: What's old is new again

I haven't worn this skirt in ages, so I made it into a high-waisted number to stick with the fashions of today. Hooray!

I find it totally brutal to pair brown with other colors, so I was happy the purple seemed to work.

Day 6 and 7: Flu or fashion?

Here I am, stuck at home with the fluuuu. Wore the black jumper and tights with a sweet grey sweater with 3/4 length sleeves to go to work in the morning - got sent home with the flu (I suspected it was a hangover, although I only had 3 beer the night before, but after two days - sooo not a hangover). When I got home, I changed into a casual blue sweater... kept the tights.

Then, the next morning, I changed nito a grey tshirt and purple floral hoodie to head to the clinic. Hoorah!

Suspiciously, I am wearing tights in all three of these pictures... yes I wore the same pair of tights for the whole two days of flu.
Sue me!

All I want for Christmas...

For the fashion-obsessed, is the cure for a day home with the flu.. or atleast a perfect distraction. Pick and choose from tons of items of clothing, accessories to create style sets to share your fashion intuition with the world.
Fab fab fab... and addictive.
I was going to write a post about my Holiday Wishlist, but thanks to Polyvore, I'll just show you!

Day 5: A Monday of Mischief

Merry Monday festivities after work called for this new purple dress, paired with a black shrug. I am amazed by the fabulousness of this dress - I have been looking all over for a great one for work and play, and this one fit both bills. I got it on my recent trip to Calgary :)

Day 4: Sunday Simple

This outfit is perfect for a Sunday shift at work. It's the last Sunday of our season, so dark wash jeans are perfecto. Casual is the key. The turquoise top is comfortable and work-friendly, but the lace cutout on the back makes it much more interesting!