Monday, November 30, 2009

It's the Tops

Thank gawddd.

During a trip to Montreal this year, some beautiful friends of mine were shopping in Top Shop, and I became completely disillusioned with fashion for a brief moment. This was because I had heard rave RAVE reviews about TopShop in the past, and it felt more like... well... cheapness (I mean no offense. truly. And pleeease prove me wrong :))

It turns out however, that they are not one in the same. The Top Shop we visited is not the famed TopShop from the UK, which is reportedly coming to Canada soon (as in not yet, as in we were NOT in it already and I have no cause to worry about the state of fashion).

Although I can't find any info about their Canada location on their website, lets hope it is true. And for further proof, check out this article:

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