Sunday, November 8, 2009

AFW - Veronica MacIssac

Voila! Here are some of the fabulous looks from designer Veronica MacIssac shown during Atlantic Fashion Week. She incorporates her celtic roots into fresh styles. Absolutely tremendous!

I love the cap-like sleeves on this dress. Its classic. Its downright hot.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this. Its sweet and so versatile - it appeals to the celtic side of me, as well as the woodsy side I feel when I think about growing up in the country. Plus, its flattering and gorgeous.

I never thought plaid could look sooo sexy, and kind of like old hollywood.

And I never thought I'd want to wear plaid to the beach - true fashion pulls you out of your norm and expands boundaries.

If you're hooked (which I totally am) you can check out more of MacIssac's designs at

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