Monday, November 30, 2009

It's the Tops

Thank gawddd.

During a trip to Montreal this year, some beautiful friends of mine were shopping in Top Shop, and I became completely disillusioned with fashion for a brief moment. This was because I had heard rave RAVE reviews about TopShop in the past, and it felt more like... well... cheapness (I mean no offense. truly. And pleeease prove me wrong :))

It turns out however, that they are not one in the same. The Top Shop we visited is not the famed TopShop from the UK, which is reportedly coming to Canada soon (as in not yet, as in we were NOT in it already and I have no cause to worry about the state of fashion).

Although I can't find any info about their Canada location on their website, lets hope it is true. And for further proof, check out this article:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Toronto Planning

I am just realizing that I have a trip booked in late Jan./early Feb. to go to Toronto for work, and I have a whole free day to go shopping!

Please please please let me know if you have any insights into the best shops and stops in the big city :)

(any tips on good hotels would also be much appreciated)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 3: Casual Saturday

So I'm wearing the same jeans I wore yesterday. I hope that's not considered cheating, because they are my favorite jeans by far. :)

The purple patterned shirt underneath is fabulous from H&M. I saw it on a girl and work and then found it in the store! Score! And the black shirt on top is just a comfortable slouchy shirt with a little bit of a pleat around the neckline from Joe Fresh.

To step outside in the warm-for-this-time-of-year Halifax weather, I threw on this adorable yellow jacket I found at (gasp!) Value Village. I love its huge pockets and big yellow buttons. I took pictures but, shamefully, they're blurry as hell.

Day 2: Night and day in grey

Outfit 1: Grey short-sleeved sweater, purchased during my Calgary trip, majorly on sale (I love the poufy sleeves) + short black jumper.
I love this jumper for many reasons. One of these reasons is that even if I get a stain on the front of a fave shirt I can still wear it under the jumper... slob much?

Outfit 2: Another grey shirt from Calgary. I saw it in the mall full price, and I was only buying things on sale so I didn't try it on, but I went back the next day to get it :) Thank gawd they still had my size! I love the embellished neckline... it's like a necklace without all the hassle! It's super unique. Paired it with straight dark jeans.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

School me in some fashion

I'm signing up on Saturday for a fashion class through NSCAD's School of Extended Studies. This is perhaps the most exciting development this week!

Day 1: A little bit of a pink lady

This was the first day of the 25.

What did I wear? To work I wore a grey sweater from Jacob, black skirt from a thrift shop with pleats along the bottom, and a cute pink headband with a bow from Forever 21.

The headband was a hit - I got many compliments on it throughout the day.

After work I changed into jeans and the rest of the outfit stayed the same :) That's what I call easy peasy.

The 25 Days of Fashion

As I gear up for Christmas, I'm planning on hosting a Christmas party/charity drive. My friends will come with gifts galore for the homeless shelters in Halifax, and I am unsure what to give. Maybe I will wait to see what the masses bring before I decide, but for now I have decided to give some of my lesser-worn clothes to the womens' shelter as a first step.

Keeping that in mind, for the next 25 days I'm going to try my damndest to wear something different each day. I'll post the outfits I wear to the blog, and anything that doesn't get worn gets given!

Stay tuned for day 1 of 25!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You have got to have a little faith!

After tons of moaning and whining (on my part, and maybe on yours), I'm delighted to see that Forever 21 is now selling its Faith 21 Plus Size line on its Canada site. I have been adding things to my shopping bag all week!

Tell me you don't LOVE these looks!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Check it out

Chanel Iman has a blog!

Sidenote: You should also check out for more of your daily fashion fix!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Market Find

Shopping at the market on Saturday morning for some spreadable gouda cheese for my lovely friend Nicole, who I am going to visit in like 2 weeks (!!!), I stumbled across some absolutely beautiful bags. They are done by Michelle Saint Onge. You can view some of her stuff here:

To see everything I saw, you might just have to visit her at the market. I don't see the absolutely perfect clutches online that I saw in person - zebra printed oversized clutches with purple tassles for zippers.. even hipper than it sounds.

More AFW - Sunsets on the Eastside

More on Atlantic Fashion Week:

The young designers of Sunsets on the Eastside came up with some totally cute floral frocks, while remaining totally stylish and cool themselves. They have been working together for 2 years, and it looks like they are a great team.

I'm also a little partial to them because while walking along Barrington the day after the show I thinkkk I saw them packing up their car outside of the downtown hostel - fab designers meet young free spirits. I love it. And even if they weren't staying at the hostel, they were still hanging in my neck of the South-end-woods. It makes me feel a little closer to fashion.

Check out their blog!!

AFW - Veronica MacIssac

Voila! Here are some of the fabulous looks from designer Veronica MacIssac shown during Atlantic Fashion Week. She incorporates her celtic roots into fresh styles. Absolutely tremendous!

I love the cap-like sleeves on this dress. Its classic. Its downright hot.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this. Its sweet and so versatile - it appeals to the celtic side of me, as well as the woodsy side I feel when I think about growing up in the country. Plus, its flattering and gorgeous.

I never thought plaid could look sooo sexy, and kind of like old hollywood.

And I never thought I'd want to wear plaid to the beach - true fashion pulls you out of your norm and expands boundaries.

If you're hooked (which I totally am) you can check out more of MacIssac's designs at

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Atlantic Fashion Week

As promised, I'm going to be posting my thoughts on Atlantic Fashion Week!
I only made it to one fashion show (of two), but some of the lines blew me away a little.

I think half the fun of a fashion show is watching what the audience is wearing. I love walking into a room lacking in total fashion fails. It gives me so much inspiration. I also realized, while observing the room from my seat in the back (good for roaming to take pictures), that I am totally jealous of fasionable people who can pull off the pixie cut. My hair is far too curly.

There was fab and not so fab in each line, but some of my fave pieces shown were by Lee Latagan, Sunsets on the Eastside, and Veronica MacIssac.

Stay tuned, as I post my fave looks!