Monday, September 28, 2009

The Shopping News

I finally made it to H&M for an in-depth shopping session. To be honest, I only actually walked out of the store with two things. To be equally as honest, they are pretty fab. The first purchase was the hoodie I have been searching for forever... like seriously, for atleast 6 months. My beloved purple hoodie with the big black rose pattern has seen better days. It can definitely be replaced with the charcoal grey beauty with black leopard print that I found.
And it feels good to buy something you actually kind of need, of course.
AND I got a cute purple and white print shirt that is completely versatile.. with a belt and tights its perfect for a concert, without the belt its perfect for just hanging out. Even putting it under a cardigan and a high waisted skirt looks fab, and is perfect for work. Plus, I saw someone wearing it a week before I went to H&M, and I totally wondered where she got it. Score.

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