Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love For MTL

Here's my big secret: I work in the tourism industry.
Why is that important? Because I meet people visiting from Montreal almost daily (overexaggeration), and my co-workers and I let out an "oooh" everytime we hear someone say they are from Canada's fashion capital (sorry Toronto. lol.)

Why is Montreal such an icon in our fashion brains? For starters, Rue Sainte-Catherine feels like it has been entirely dedicated to fashionistas. I have been known to spend 100s while visiting, just on the one street.

Secondly, Montreal is home to many fashion events and festivals, including the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival, that this year brought us a blend of fashion and music, fabulous fashion shows and inspiration in the form of fashion for a cause. The festival raised money for the Breast Cancer Foundation, showing us that fashion still has a heart <3

Last, but so not least in my eyes, are the people of Montreal. You can sit on a city street all day and just watch fashion. On my first visit to Montreal, I took loads of pictures of people in neon jeans, elaborate scarves, and loud tshirts. Everyone in Montreal projects their own style, and the diversity is fantastic.

So cheers to Montreal! We wish we were there, but Halifax still has hot fashions for us to wear :)

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