Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fashion Online

Bored at work = Shopping online for accesories.

Top two places to browse today:

Forever21 has totally cute accesories and shoes. Check out the Fabulous Finds tab too - they really are fab! I must say though, they are not as fab as the fab finds on the US site, and the lack of their Faith 21 brand in Canada gets me a little miffed. BUT their hair accesories are cute and cheap, so we'll call it even :)

Modcloth is a new find for me - it ships from the States so its a little more expensive, but there are things on the site that I have never seen before! My fave today was a pair of black tights with a peacock feather print running up the leg. SO cool. They also have a totally cute apartment section, with super fashion coffee table books galore!

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