Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wishing I Was Elsewhere... Sorry Halifax!

Watching Inside Fashion while we're getting hit by Hurricane Bill... Where do I wish I was right now? Hmm.. the Cadbury Chocolate Couture show or Barbie's 50th Anniversary Fashion Show. That would involve going back in time, is that a problem? lol. I would especially love to see the Koi Suwannagate and Rebecca Taylor Barbie dresses in person!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fashion Online

Bored at work = Shopping online for accesories.

Top two places to browse today:

Forever21 has totally cute accesories and shoes. Check out the Fabulous Finds tab too - they really are fab! I must say though, they are not as fab as the fab finds on the US site, and the lack of their Faith 21 brand in Canada gets me a little miffed. BUT their hair accesories are cute and cheap, so we'll call it even :)

Modcloth is a new find for me - it ships from the States so its a little more expensive, but there are things on the site that I have never seen before! My fave today was a pair of black tights with a peacock feather print running up the leg. SO cool. They also have a totally cute apartment section, with super fashion coffee table books galore!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love For MTL

Here's my big secret: I work in the tourism industry.
Why is that important? Because I meet people visiting from Montreal almost daily (overexaggeration), and my co-workers and I let out an "oooh" everytime we hear someone say they are from Canada's fashion capital (sorry Toronto. lol.)

Why is Montreal such an icon in our fashion brains? For starters, Rue Sainte-Catherine feels like it has been entirely dedicated to fashionistas. I have been known to spend 100s while visiting, just on the one street.

Secondly, Montreal is home to many fashion events and festivals, including the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival, that this year brought us a blend of fashion and music, fabulous fashion shows and inspiration in the form of fashion for a cause. The festival raised money for the Breast Cancer Foundation, showing us that fashion still has a heart <3

Last, but so not least in my eyes, are the people of Montreal. You can sit on a city street all day and just watch fashion. On my first visit to Montreal, I took loads of pictures of people in neon jeans, elaborate scarves, and loud tshirts. Everyone in Montreal projects their own style, and the diversity is fantastic.

So cheers to Montreal! We wish we were there, but Halifax still has hot fashions for us to wear :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Would a Heel by any other name be as Appealing?

I find it really hard to shop online - mainly because places don't ship to Canada, and if they do the costs are outrageous. I have searched and searched for some totally fab places online to buy shoes, and other than those good old standbys like Aldo, my fave has got to be this site that was introduced to me by a girl at work -

The site has loads of clothing, accessories, etc., but the shoes are what draw me in. They don't cost a fortune, they're cute, and the quality isn't absolutely horrible. What more can I ask for? ;)

What a Model

I've been hearing all this buzz about Chanel Iman (that is her real name), and I was surprised the other day to open one of the fashion mags I had flipped through repeatedly to find her beautiful face smiling back at me. I hadn't realized it was her before, but she seems to be becoming quite an icon. Have a look at her career highlights on and you'll see why!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Style is Looking Up

I visited Zellers (gasp!) two weeks ago to check out the Alfred Sung line, and it is excellent. I've gotten tons of compliments already!

But even more importantly:

Fellow Halifax Fashion Lovers, it's time to cheer! H&M is here!
Okay, enough Dr. Seuss.
Seriously, I can not wait for payday to check it out. I hope you all find something that looks totally fab :)