Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ze End

I regret to inform anyone and everyone who reads this blog that I am officially taking my focus away from Fashionista's Guide to Halifax (as if that wasn't already obvious from my general lack of posting recently).

Like all things, this too must end. Lately I've been taken in so many new directions, and have become inspired by so many other writing projects. As a result I can't seem to put the effort into this blog that I should. Never fear, I'm sure at some point I'll have the overwhelming urge to post some thoughts on the world of fashion, but for now, I'm saying adios!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dev, Music, Fashion

Although I think the new girl on the music scene, Dev, might become annoying pretty quickly (much like Ke$ha - who, can I just mention, horrifies me pretty frequently with her fashion choices.. and makeup.. and lyrics - is that just me?), I have to love this video for it's sheer focus on fashion:

I truly appreciate that aspect of fun!

I was excited to check out because they styled the video, but their online store doesn't have a very wide selection! On the plus side though, they ship to Canada.

Monday, February 7, 2011

T.O. Shopping Trip

I just returned from a shopping trip in Toronto (shopping for both work and pleasure). We got some fabulous finds for the gift shop, but I'm most excited about the fashion finds to fill my closet!

Hopefully I will have time to upload pictures soon, but to hold you over and give you a taste, here is a photo from this super little chain in T.O. called Katie. I bought this dress from the shop, where everything is one-size-fits-all (but scooped the photo from their facebook group)!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Celtic Fabulous

The Halifax fashion scene is about to embrace many of our celtic roots, including mine! At Durty Nelly's on January 22nd, the Celtic Arts and Fashion Show will showcase designers and musicians including Veronica MacIsaac.

Check out the event here:

Turbine Hits Up the Golden Globes

At this year's Golden Globes, Halifamous and worldfamous designer Lisa Drader-Murphy will be representing our fine city in the celebrity gifting suite.

You can visit for updates on which celebs have picked up a piece from Lisa's line Turbine!

(Update - Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dennis Quaid were both spotted sharing their adoration for Turbine's designs!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Fashion to all and to all a Good Night

Haven't posted in a while - I have been working on some other writing, but in the spirit of Christmas I thought I would post some sewing projects that were gifts for the holidays!

Constructed from 'hello kitty' fabric from the thrift store, I crafted a yoga mat bag, which can also be used as a bag for rolled paper for it's new owner, who goes to NSCAD! The pillow, made from a men's shirt, holds your remote and cell phone in its pockets!

Not long before Christmas, I attended the Intermediate Fashion Show at NSCAD with my lovely friends Missy and Will. We really fell in love with unique pieces like the shirt with the filled in pieces in the back and the large comfortable looking hoods. We also loved lines including the masculine pieces with the neutral color palette and the beautiful tan pieces!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ze Halloween Recap

Surprise, surprise - I couldn't decide on one Halloween costume! This resulted in, among other things, one very darling (I hope) mouse costume and one slightly ridiculous Damsel in Distress costume.

You can see my mouse costume below. Also, here I am as a Damsel (you can't really see the tracks, but they are there, I promise). Also, I seem to be being threatened with a bloody knife by a fisherman...

I think the Damsel costume was totally cute (and gave me an excuse to wear this nude-colored high waisted bubble skirt which does not seem appropriate on any other occasion), but I may have to cast my vote for the mouse because it was much more obvious.

Through the run of the weekend, four Halloween parties, one trip to Pacifico, and one Halloween potluck, I saw many fabulous costumes including Cindy Lou Hoo and the Grinch, a sexy batman, a clever duct tape princess, a fabulous scarecrow, a sweet maid, and Hollywood trash.

It is no wonder, after all of that, that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!